atomic garden – oakland, california, usa

Awash in a sea of natural materials, minimalist design and custom handmade works, this retail space offers everything from kitchenwares, to clothing for adults and children, and home décor accessories. At present, Atomic Garden carries various pieces from our Hecho custom stock, however I also have the ongoing pleasure of collaborating directly with the owners on custom sourcing, along with pieces that are made by my artisan partners to their specifications. These label-specific products that we developed blend seamlessly with their aesthetic, and offer their clients handmade pieces by a variety of skilled artisans, along with visuals related to the stories and processes behind these particular works.

artisan & fox – singapore

This recently-launched ethical company maintains a strong focus around transparency, fair pay and storytelling – all in honor and support of their artisan partners around the world. Their diverse offerings include an intriguing range of textiles and accessories by skilled artisans in Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala, Mexico and Afghanistan. At present, I am collaborating with Artisan & Fox and my artisan partners to arrange a line of traditionally-made leather handbags with our artisan partners in Southern Mexico – a team of three talented brothers who produce rustic leather pieces with simple tools and traditional making practices.

L'atelier folklore – paris, france

Mexican artisan wares combine with European design aesthetics with this socially focused atelier in Paris, France. Marcia, the owner, is from Puebla and maintains a strong connection with her home country. Given that my adopted home is Oaxaca, we share similar views around ethical sourcing, honoring tradition and supporting talented Mexican artisans. My collaborative roles within the atelier include artisan product liaison, quality control, product sourcing, storytelling through original writing and photography contributions, creation of crowd funding copy, along with advising around marketing campaigns and social media.

7e7/Atelier St. George – vancouver, british columbia, canada

A permanent showroom of sublime handmade works serves as a haven for design-centric people who appreciate beautiful objects in all of its handmade imperfections. With this space, owner Janaki Larsen collects, curates and markets beautiful works from her travels, as well as from various artisans throughout the world. I currently collaborate with the Janaki on custom handwoven cushions, tote bags, pottery pieces, along with other intricately-made artisan wares from our Hecho artisan partners. While we do produce pieces to her specifications with our seamstress here in Oaxaca, we also work on custom sourcing projects for her when additional research and products are needed.

clover – Corte Madera, California, usa

With a focus on a fresh, timeless aesthetic, fair market access, economic empowerment, fine craftsmanship, along with the celebration of travel and culture, this online marketplace offers a range of cushions, blankets, baskets, rugs and accessories for the curated home. The global focus of their offerings includes products from ten different countries, in a range of quality materials and finishes. Samantha Petrie, the founder of Clover, embraces adventure that celebrates cultural diversity and supports artisans and their communities around the world. With this our handwoven Hecho products are featured in their current stock.

county collective – prince edward county, ontario, canada

Creative hub in the heart of the charming region of Prince Edward County in Southern Ontario – complete with loft rental spaces, studio workshops and a impeccably curated pop-up shop of quality handmade wares from a variety of regions throughout the world. This venue is the ideal place to investigate a host of creative workshops, or simply purchase a heirloom-quality handmade piece as a reminder of time spent in a special place. Launching this spring, this shop carries a range of textiles, ceramic works and other pieces from our custom collection of handmade products by our artisan partners – we will also be collaborating with the shop on custom pieces, designed specifically for their stock.

Esfera – stockholm, sweden

This Swedish showroom holds a firm belief in supporting Mexican contemporary design that is rooted in traditional processes. The founder, Fernanda Aldaraca, is from Guadalajara. She developed the concept for her shop through a love of handmade, along with a desire to promote education regarding artisan products and cultural offerings from her home country. My work with Fernanda includes ethically sourcing artisan products, organizing and overseeing the production of custom pieces, along with negotiating designs that are specific to her shop, while ensuring fair pricing and positive relationships on both sides.

Estrella Apothecary & Spa – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

With a focus on the power and beauty of holistic skin care and therapeutic massage to strengthen and balance the body’s natural functions with the exclusive use of truly natural skin and body care complimented with gentle, rejuvenating treatments, this location serves as both a retreat and retail destination. While spa services serve as their primary focus, clients can also peruse various lines including bath and skin products, small gifts and exclusive handmade works. My collaborations with this business includes handmade candles, pottery and textiles – all made by my talented artisan partners in Mexico.

Fundación En Vía – oaxaca, mexico

After participating in a responsible tourism visit with this NGO that supports the entrepreneurial pursuits of women through interest-free microloans, this experience inspired me to relocate from Vancouver, Canada to Oaxaca, Mexico to pursue new professional and personal avenues. My past collaborations with Fundación En Vía include extensive photography and communications contributions, along with serving as a guide for the responsible tourism trips. This fulfilling work further fed my interest in social entrepreneurship, poverty reduction, empowering women and promoting handmade textiles and artisan products that preserve ancient traditions.

Le Marché St. George – Vancouver, British Columbia, canada

A longtime staple in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, this venue exists as a café, general store, occasional event space, as well as a family home. Equally as well known for serving up lovely treats at tea time as they are for offering a range of sublime handmade products for purchase – including the owner's own pottery pieces – this venue attracts everyone from interior designers sourcing newly stocked additions, to local families looking for a hearty bowl of soup on a chilly day. This space features various works that I've sourced from my artisan partners in Mexico and Guatemala – including eco-friendly shoppings bags, delicate pottery pieces and other gems.

LIBRA HANDMADE – canada and ecuador

My connection to Libra Handmade arrived via a referral through a former client who felt that the company focus fit with my ideals, interests, and specific set of skills and experience. Libra Handmade produces a line of hats and bags from 100% organic toquilla palm, in conjuction with a collective of artisans in Cuenca, Eucador who receive both financial and creative support through this venture. The company launched in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and is now based in Canada and Ecuador. My role with the company focused on content development, social media and marketing strategy, in order to grow visibility in the Gulf region, and to connect with potential retail clients throughout the world.

Meridian – New York, New York, usa

An ethically curated lifestyle brand featuring a collection of unique, handmade home décor pieces from around the world. Each piece tells a story of cultural heritage and traditional artisan craftsmanship. We collaborate with the company founder to source and create custom handmade works from our artisan partners in various regions of Mexico. This custom sourcing includes a variety of textile works – from cushions to blankets and toys for children. In addition to the sourcing and product development that I do for this company, I also cover documentary photography and writing projects related to their detailed view around their custom pieces.

modela – iowa city, iowa, usa

Long inspired by artisans and their traditions of craft since she first visited Mexico three decades ago, Modela owner Patti O'Neill sources handmade works in Mexico and Morocco while maintaining roots in ethical pay, sustainability and supporting artisans through conscious purchasing. In addition to her own sourcing work, she also works with a small selection of designers and boutique companies, including my company Hecho. In this collaboration, I arrange for custom orders of ceramics, textiles, handmade wooden utensils and bags, which I ship directly from my home base in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mur Lifestyle – Winnipeg, Manitoba, canada

With a focus on encouraging people to move away from a 'disposable culture' and focus on mindful buying, this husband and wife team have created a stunning shop of ethically made wares that simultaneously speak to simplicity and creative intention. The duo purposely seek out goods that are produced by small scale manufacturers, artists and designers – an endeavor that has garnered them a large following worldwide. My appreciation for their business focus relates to these aspects, along with their focus on natural materials and the fact that their business is located close to my tiny hometown in the Canadian prairies. 

poet's ode – hahndorf, australia

This beautifully curated shop and tearoom is located in the small town of Hahndorf – a venue which sits at the foothills of South Adelaide, Australia that is known for wool products and tourism. Poet's Ode offers handmade socially-focused goods that simultaneously support beautiful stories and will be heirlooms for future generations. The shop upholds an earthy color palette, and only allows for purely natural textiles and hues, along with products that are ethically produced by the hands of artisans all over the world. I connected with the owner, Alia Elaraj, when she reached out about my professional artisan liaison work with Mexican makers. 

Rally Co. – Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

The lush nature of Vancouver Island serves as backdrop for this must-visit destination shop for lovers of handmade and contemporary quality that's based in the slow fashion movement. Products are ethically sourced and selected from various makers and small-batch companies to appeal to the practical heart and home. Founder Aspen Marshman is a florist and designer by trade – an aspect that is reflected in the cool minimalism that plays central theme to Rally Co. This shop currently stocks our custom wool textiles, with further handmade works by our artisan partners to come in the spring and summer months.

ROLLOUT – toronto, ontario, canada

A striking repeat pattern of x-ray skulls on a black background was the first work that I witnessed from this award-winning design firm. Soon after, I was introduced to the Co-Founders by a close friend who works in the design industry. Starting in 2010, I regularly produced ROLLOUT content marketing including website copy, e-papers and press releases. On-site collaborations also included a comprehensive content audit and copywriting for a new website project. The company focus around community and innovation resonates with my creative sensibilities and I believe in what this offers to their community and their clients.

scout & catalogue – vancouver, British Columbia, canada

Heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico, this studio strives to make hand dyed pieces that speak to afternoons at the beach, sun kissed skin and all-day siestas. Their featured works boast a range of natural hues, modern lines and casual luxury  – from tote bags for market shopping to cushions and blankets for contemporary spaces. Our collaborations with the founder of Scout & Catalogue includes arranging for custom handmade cushions, functional ceramics, handwoven bags, candles and naturally dyed pieces by our artisan partners in various regions throughout Mexico.

Tonic living – toronto, ontario, canada

Founded in 2003, this family owned retail business brings a modern, curated collection of fabrics and sewing services to designers, decorators and homeowners worldwide. Their fully stocked showroom is open to the public, and offers clients handmade products, fabric by the yard, swatches and consults for custom curtains, roman blinds and cushions. While they generally do the bulk of their sewing in-house, I collaborated with them on custom handwoven wool cushions for their winter stock, in conjunction with my artisan partners in a remote village in the highlands of Southern Mexico and my local seamstress here in Oaxaca. In all, our collaboration helped to support a positive stream of income for over 13 artisan women.

Xinh & Co. – Nashville, Tennessee, Usa

A small family business rooted in tradition, design and a love of natural materials, Xinh & Co. first began by exclusively selling their divine rice baskets, which are handwoven from natural seagrass and made by artisans in the hometown of company founder Trang Dorris. Her business has now expanded to fair trade goods from Mexico and Guatemala, and I regularly collaborate with Trang on custom sourcing, new product development and brain storming around current trends and enticing new creative avenues. We share a dedication to ethical sourcing and natural materials, so our work together flows beautifully.