St. Augustine once famously quoted: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” My chapter began with a student exchange program in Scotland. This exposure to the unknown triggered an insatiable desire to explore and form connections in all pockets of the globe. Since that time, I have lived and worked as a designer in New York City, an international marketer and freelance creative in Vancouver, British Columbia, and as a socially focused entrepreneur in Oaxaca, Mexico.

I am currently based in Oaxaca pursuing a professional path as the Founder and Creative Director of Hecho, a recently launched curated emporium featuring ethically sourced handmade works that serve as the intersection of contemporary design and traditional artisan processes. In addition to this, I also offer professional services around tailored artisan-liaison and sourcing work for select retail clients and interior designers, artisan product development, quality control, international marketing, writing and communications. I continue to travel regularly as a part of this focus. To date, I have explored over 30 countries and with this, there is always one constant: storytelling.

The act of collecting, curating and sharing stories lies at the heart of all that I do. Through this practice, I form friendships, business collaborations, personal inspiration and memories. I have an affinity for storytelling around social enterprise, traditional artisan processes and culture, art and design, entrepreneurship, street art and graffiti, along with local and international adventuring. Given my extensive travels in developing countries, I have a personal interest in producing and promoting work that inspires, empowers and offers growth, particularly for women and girls. With these specialties, I am able to effectively assist retail clients and interior designers in sourcing products, while also working to help them tell the story of the makers and tradition behind these quality works.

My professional background includes over 15 years of diverse and complementary experience based in product development, creative communications, international marketing and development, relationship building, journalism, event and travel planning, public relations, publication design and creative direction.

I invite you to connect so that we can discuss the details of your project.